Metal, KMP and other skins

Hi people

I have made some improvements on the skins, so I’m posting the links here:

Round Sound Blue: download
Echo Tube: download

New skins:

Metal: download
KMP: download
KMP 2: download

These two last skins are made from KM Player skins.

Gustavo Rezende

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  1. Please don’t combine multiple skins in a single posting.

    We need to see each skins’ thumbnail. In order to do that, you need to give each skin its own posting.

    Please don’t do this again. Thank you.

  2. mihalis :

    Hi mihalis,

    Sorry if it was you who created the original KM Player skin. I didn’t want to ‘steal’ your work. I just redesigned it to fit Radio Sure specifications. The credits belongs to you.