Metal, KMP and other skins

Hi people

I have made some improvements on the skins, so I’m posting the links here:

Round Sound Blue: download
Echo Tube: download

New skins:

Metal: download
KMP: download
KMP 2: download

These two last skins are made from KM Player skins.

Gustavo Rezende

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  1. Haaglander :
    Please correct the metal skin because the number of radio stations is not correctly displayed.

    Do u mean the station names? It happens, sometimes, and it’s not because the software. It depends on sent info by radio stations.

  2. Please correct the metal skin because the number of radio stations is not correctly displayed.

  3. Just found the app today, and really liking it. Thank you for the very cool hook up on the sinz, much appreciated

  4. Hi Gregg,

    I understand your point of view, but would be better if u post on general skins post or send an e-mail to administrators and not post your complains here, under a specified skin.

    I’m not the creator of the software, neither the website designer, just a skin creator, sometimes.


  5. I stand corrected (from my previous posting). I just found another single posting which contained multiple thumbnails.

    So, then, it’s not the single posting that’s the problem. Rather, it’s that the skin-maker didn’t think we needed to see all the skins, and so he didn’t put all of their thumbnails in his posting.

    This happens with projects like this. Once it becomes a “community,” then everyone assumes that everyone else knows what they know. Apparently members of the community know what these skins look like; and so are happy to see that there have been updates.

    But it doesn’t work that way in real life. In real life, new people stumble onto a product and visit its web page, download it, start using it, and expect to be able to learn things about it, and download add-ons to it, without it all feeling like Facebook.

    This is a PRODUCT, everyone. There’s even a commercial version, now. This web site needs to start behaving like it understands its purpose; and its purpose is not to be some kind of closed society where there are insiders and outsiders.