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  1. Thank you, people! I really like the african art! And the music too!

    Best regards for all,


  2. Hi Gabriel

    For some strange reason I got your name mixed up with the first commenter! That comment was for you, the designer.


  3. Hi Arranraja

    This is the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen, for any software, not just this one. Even though the general standard of skins made for Radio Sure is very high, this one stands out for being completely delightful! It enhances the fun of listening to wonderful music. Thanks a million.


  4. Hi Bob,

    To install the skin, just click on the link ‘Download’ near the skin image above. Download the zip file, clicking on the site ‘Download’ button. Save it in a any folder you want.
    After that, open Radio Sure and click Options button (the place of it depends on skin you are using). Click on the second tab of this window (Skins).
    Now, just drag the zip file you downloaded and drop it over the Skin window opened before.
    Your skin will be installed.