DX-210, for RadioSure v2.1.969, is a “tabletop” receiver, with “hand-held” remote control, for serious Internet radio enthusiasts. Designed with emphasis on utility, the receiver dimensions of 800px(W) x 540px(H) provide for relative ease of station search and selection, display of most texts without truncation, and built-in screening of program images (where available). It features an attractive brushed aluminum front panel with grey steel enclosure, and a logical control layout that simplifies operation.

Thanks to Admin at The BestWare Studio for allowing our adaptation of buttons from the Standard skin for use in the DX-200 Series.

Mike Frandsen


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Industrial Velvet Skin

Industrial Velvet

Industrial Velvet

Very interesting idea of the skin from borko1dj. Thank you!


This is my first skin.
It’s not perfect, but hope you like it..
Enjoy it!

Skin Name: Industrial Velvet
Skin: 600×300
Mini skin: 208×299


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Connect To Radio Stations on The Internet From Any Computer with RadioSure

Nice review from MakeUseOf.Com



I have loads of portable software not only on my USB drive, but also on my PC. There’s something uncomplicated about them. While video and mp3 takes over our senses, we forget that the listening experience of radio is still a part of the airwaves; or the digital waves that makes up the internet.

As I listen to Jazz guitarist Peter White in the background, let me introduce you to RadioSure. RadioSure (ver.2.0.886 ) is an internet radio player and a really cool and simple one at that. This attribute along with its unzipped size of 4.57 MB makes it a great media software to include in your portable apps lineup.


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Real_One skin


Interesting skin found here.

Der eigentliche Grund für diesen Beitrag ist aber eigentlich ein anderer. Und zwar könnt ihr über Caschy einen Premium-Skin herunterladen, der normalerweise 1,99$ kosten würde. Der Designer heißt Eric und hat den Skin kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt. Wer keinen besonderen Wert auf RadioSure’s Aussehen legt, sondern mehr auf die “inneren Werte”, in Form von Funktionalität, achtet, der darf auch beim alten Standard-Design bleiben. More...

Download: Real_One Skin (8734) - 96.86 KB

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New stable release 1.8.820 is out

Even having financial crisis walking around the world we are to present new version of RadioSure! 

We have now a bit better “skin” and we also have equalizer now! Those who has CPU without SSE instructions and who got “ERROR Cannot Set Timers” now can forget about it (a lot of thanks to mr.Dwayne who helps to sort this out)!

And more to follow! Thanks for donations, people! :)


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