Fusion White & Black (light and dark)

Fusion White & Black (light and dark) contains 2 brand new 3d looking premium skins.

This skin has it all, Illuminating buttons in collapse mode, Curved volume button that fits into the rest of the skin design., Animated mouseover buttons with spotlight indicator  in expanded mode, The way the spectrum looks fits elegantly to the rest of the skin. Large fonts, Sleek 3d design.

These elegant skins, for just $4,99!

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Rating: 3.5/5 (105 votes cast)

Solid collection

Solid skins collection contains 5 brand new skins.

Not only do they have dept in them, they also have very clear buttons, a very long volume bar, a 3D spectrum with a grid and you can choose different colors. It  has a larger Font. The price is very low for these skins its just $2.99

Thats just $0.60  per skin!

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Rating: 3.7/5 (61 votes cast)

Chromium Cx1 & Cx2 (premium skins)

Chromium Cx1 & Cx2 contains 2 brand new premium skins.

A very attractive looking skin, Different types of buttons, Lots of reflection going on. A not too distracting sleek design skin. In collapse mode it’s very compact and you can place it ‘on top’ anywhere because of it’s small size.

Customer reply:  “The skins look  even better “in real life” than on the web.  Nice work!”

If you’r into chic/stylishly  skins you should definitly buy this collection, it’s just  $4,99!

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Rating: 3.6/5 (114 votes cast)

Tuner collection



I finished another skin called Tuner.  You will notice that there are more textures used in this skin. I also appended the spectrum with a 3d looking spectrum. One of the new type of pressed button effects I introduced in this skin is the slide effect of the collapse button.  I tried to keep the collapse state with only the essential buttons (exit, expand, volume, record, favorite and play/stop). You will also notice that when you press record the rec text will appear in the display when your in the collapse state. I created four (4)  Tuner skins with different textures (the original, wood, carbon fiber and mosaic)

The price is 2.99


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Rating: 3.0/5 (47 votes cast)

Skin Collection big


skin-collection-big-8It contains 4 skins + 4 tuner skins ( Total of 8 skins)

  1. Intrepid
  2. Tribal
  3. Sphere
  4. Neo
  5. Tuner collection

This skin collection will cost just  $4,99. This will save you $7,01 , and you’ll also be supporting radiosure for further development.

Thats just $0,62 per skin


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This skin has a wider display to show you long song titles and server info. I also added some emboss effect which continue in the expand state. Further more I have added slide buttons to this skin. I didn’t add to much distractions so the skin, so it would have a kind of a serene look.

The price for this skin is $1.99

Buy now

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Rating: 2.8/5 (37 votes cast)




In this skin I have added a  turning volume button effect. You will also notice that I have added some tribal like background effects on it. Further more I tried to keep it small without compromising to much. Some small detail is I  also added  backwards curved square buttons.

The price is $1.99

Buy now

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Sphere Radio



First I want to thank all the people who supported RadioSure and me by buying  my previous skin.

Well after finishing my first skin Neo-Radio for RadioSkin 2.0 I got the hang of it and created a second one. Actually it wasn’t my first skin,  I created a bunch of free ones and put them in a gallery when the skin system wasn’t in place yet. I also made the first free skin (bluedot) at the very beginning of the skin system which ironed  out skin problems. There were also some changes/problems  ironed out during Neo-radio.

 Because the skin system only supports rectangular images for the background, it isn’t possible to make oddly shaped images. But it supports changing the radius of the corners. So I made use of this to make the skin look round on both sides. And because of the earth like orb, displaying the spectrum and song title inside it, it gave more depth. Of course there is an expand and collapse view. I made it expand from the center, and it really makes it look nice.  I have left nothing out, everything is added.  I wanted to reduce the image size so it would reduce the memory usage.  According to the radiosure team this isn’t neccesary because images are converted back to bitmaps and not loaded into memory in the new versions. Just like in my previous skin, I created an installer for this skin so that you can easily install the skin (tested on vista and xp). 

You can support by buying the skin for $1.99.

Buy now!

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Neo Radio Skin


Neo Radio

Neo Radio skin from Fman!

Cool glowing buttons, see true volume button, with a gradient volume background and of course expanded and collapsed views. Clear interface build for the latest version of RadioSure.

The Price is just as low as $1.99

Click here to buy the skin: Buy Now!

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