Black_Pearl Skin


Simple, minimal, realistic with dark, futuristic atmosphere. Inspirated by original Black Pearl skin for VLC player for Mac OS. Include expanded and collapsed view, large stations list, compact controls, realistic button press feeling and red light on recording button. Created for Science Fiction and Hi-Fi technics lovers…

See it, feel it, hear it!

Buy Now for only $1.99 (support the Author and RadioSure team)

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  1. переделал BlackPearl – VLC Player
    еще за это деньги просит…
    мог бы и бесплатно сделать
    или полностью свое придумать тогда

  2. Henrik :

    I’ve bought right now just to give a little support for your great work. Keep it on developing my favourite online radio player!!!

    Thanks a lot!!! 🙂

  3. I got the dl for this a few hours ago as i was sleeping 😀 i love the skin! Very easily worth the price paided and then some. Keep up the good work