Connect To Radio Stations on The Internet From Any Computer with RadioSure

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I have loads of portable software not only on my USB drive, but also on my PC. There’s something uncomplicated about them. While video and mp3 takes over our senses, we forget that the listening experience of radio is still a part of the airwaves; or the digital waves that makes up the internet.

As I listen to Jazz guitarist Peter White in the background, let me introduce you to RadioSure. RadioSure (ver.2.0.886 ) is an internet radio player and a really cool and simple one at that. This attribute along with its unzipped size of 4.57 MB makes it a great media software to include in your portable apps lineup.


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  1. Muito obrigado pela radio,uma grande companhia durante as longas horas que passo ne computador…é de louvar o trabalho de certas pessoas que o fazem para as outras, e grátis que é o mais importante…parabens!…(Portugal)

  2. I have downloaded this application to my PC and i have already listened the radio around the world. thanks for the creator that has made this application useful for me. But i can’t hear the radio stations from Indonesia (Indonesia’s radio stations not listed at that application or was not active). so, i add manually some radio station that i know by search one by one radio station in Indonesia (not all of radio stations).
    I hope Admin want to add much more radio station from Indonesia that still active. for addition, Admin can visit my weblog at .
    I also post a link to download some radio stations that still active in Indonesia at link
    Thank for attentions and i apologize because i can’t speak English fluently.