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=============== registration code ================
=============== registration code ================

RadioSure 2.2 Free
The world’s most popular free radio software
RadioSure 2.2 Pro
Full-featured radio player, recommended if you want to enjoy it without any limitations
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Free stations database, over 30’000 stations Yes Yes
Easily add, change or delete information about stations on the site Yes Yes
Automatic stations database update Yes Yes
Stations database automatically updated Every 7 days Every day
Unlimited recording of radio streams Yes Yes
Simultaneous recording, number of instances allowed 2 10
Block recording of advertisements No Yes
Allow recording full song from the very beginning No Yes
Show hi-res cover arts which belongs to playing songs No Yes
Automatic standard proxy support Yes Yes
Supporting individual proxy settings No Yes
Supporting standard global hotkeys Yes Yes
Supporting customized global hotkeys No Yes
Supporting favorites up to 30 up to 100
Supporting grouping of favorites No Yes
FREE Just as low as
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Radio Sure

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Compatible with Windows 7