How to register

Step 1.

Open "About" dialogue
Open "About" dialogue (right button click with the mouse to get the main menu)

Step 2.

Click to register button.

Step 3.

Please copy registration code from the confirmation mail.

Step 4.

Restart RadioSure to see if it was registered.
No need to restart the system!

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  1. Please please please fix your registration issues. We cannot support you until we are able to register without problem!

    Thank you

  2. Jericho :
    If I want to use the coupon code, where do I have to fill it in?

    There are no coupons available at this time. Last coupons were valid only in January.

  3. Sim sei que é ótima esta rádio. Agradeço por disponibilizar e eu poder ter acesso as musicas. Muito obrigada Bom dia