How to register

Step 1.

Open "About" dialogue

Open "About" dialogue (right button click with the mouse to get the main menu)

Step 2.

Click to register button.

Step 3.

Please copy registration code from the confirmation mail.

Step 4.

Restart RadioSure to see if it was registered.
No need to restart the system!

164 thoughts on “How to register

  1. J’ai acheté la licence le 03 juin 2011, par Paypal.
    à ce jour, le 05 juin 2011, je n’ai toujours pas reçu l’emaile de confirmation, contenant le code d’enregistrement

  2. I bought the code for the RadioSure Pro 2.2.1004 version, and want to use the (now) latest RadioSure 2.2.1022 version. The code doesn’t work in there. I see there an unregister-button. So i think people do need to buy a new code for every new version, right ? Well, it’s not that expensive to buy a new code every month …

  3. Help please

    Input I the code here free trial. she tell me

    sorry the name is not correct!

    i see no name with this free trial! I tell her my name, she like it no. she no like my name? It is name mine! I like my name, why no she? shall what do i?

  4. just upgraded to PRO version.

    The box is checked indicating that album art is displayed–but nothing is actually displayed.

    The free version I used up intill you changed at the end of 2010 (?) worked fine.


  5. Can I add Radio Sure to my website, is there code for it. I work with youth and thought it would be nice for the youth to be able to visit our site listen to music and download music if possible. Can you help?

    Thank you,
    Curtis Brooks

  6. Hello,
    I bought program today but I don’t have receive registration code.

  7. Habe am 09.08.2011 die Version 2.2 pro gekauft und sofort bezahlt. Zahlungsnummer ist: 410004414749
    7.47 EUR wurde an: Account name: Global Collect B.V.
    Bank name: Postbank AG
    City: Leipzig
    Account number: 115241904
    Bank Code: BLZ 86010090
    Swiftcode: PBNKDEFF
    Payment reference: 410004414749

    Da ich vermute, es handelt sich um Betrüger, ersuche ich um rasche Mitteilung was ich machen kann.
    Gruß aus Kassel
    Herb Stummer

  8. hi
    i have this problem
    i pay today for pro version but you sent me the registresion code in my email
    Then copy this Registration Code into registration form accessible on ‘About’ dialog in RadioSure many times
    but i see unregistered version why?where is the problem?

  9. Hello,

    how can I tranform (or import the content of) from mystations.cvs to mystations.rdp? Of course without having to enter all stations again by hand….



  10. Me, once more and closing:

    Just renaming does the trick :-)

    Thanks for the great program!


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