DX-210, for RadioSure v2.1.969, is a “tabletop” receiver, with “hand-held” remote control, for serious Internet radio enthusiasts. Designed with emphasis on utility, the receiver dimensions of 800px(W) x 540px(H) provide for relative ease of station search and selection, display of most texts without truncation, and built-in screening of program images (where available). It features an attractive brushed aluminum front panel with grey steel enclosure, and a logical control layout that simplifies operation.

Thanks to Admin at The BestWare Studio for allowing our adaptation of buttons from the Standard skin for use in the DX-200 Series.

Mike Frandsen


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  1. Hey ya Mike, I love this skin bud it works excellent on all my puters (different OS’s) I actually modded it abit to give it a wood tone effect to match one of my desktops. Would it be ok with you if I uploaded it for others to use (free) if give you full credit? Either way thanks again for the great work!

  2. Mike,

    Thank you so much for producing a skin with the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Finally a skin that I can live with. Excellent job!