Euphoria skin



One more skin from borko1dj. Thank you!

Skin Name: Euphoria
Skin: 367×581
Mini skin: 364×141


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15 thoughts on “Euphoria skin

  1. Nice work! and easy to use. Regards from Buenos Aires :)

    I made Mayan Mystery skin

  2. Best skin ever i found, but too long (big) and i also can not activate a mute button. :(

  3. Mute? Just click on the spectrum … I thought that there is no need to put the mute button.

  4. @ borko1dj : thank you very much for the file. Now the skin is perfect for me 😀 and i am very glad. Great work!!!

  5. Beautiful skin,,,the best so far!

    Optional colors for the glassy screen such as pastel blues & greens would be awesome. Still the best tho.

    thanks for this

  6. Skin euphoria is updated. Now you have the choice of 6 colors of skin and dimensions are smaller than before. I hope you enjoy:)
    Thanks for the positive comments and good ideas …
    Regards from Bosnia!

  7. Excellent set of skins.

    You can change the colour scheme to suit your wallpaper.

    Thanks borko1dj =)

  8. dose your skin have grafic equalizer,that u can manually set your own levels ? thank’s

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