1. Where do I choose the proxy which I want Radiosure to connect?

Proxy settings are taken from standard Windows Internet Options. This options can be changed in Internet Explorer. Run Internet Explorer and choose Options -> Connection options in the menu.

2. How to record many stations simultaneously?

To record many stations simultaneously you can run many instances of RadioSure at the same time and record different stations.

3. There’s a setting under the recording options, but when I change it, it still records at the original bitrate. Is this a bug, or am I doing it wrong?

MP3 streams are always recorded with its original bitrate because there is no encoding performed at all. The stream is just written into the file as is. So, it is recored without any loss of quality. There is no reason to record it with higher bitrate because that doesn’t improve the quality.

4. Can you please make a MAC/Linux/Win-mobile/Symbian version?

No, sorry. I have no experience with these systems. But as others saying you can run it under WINE in linux.

5. How do I install the skin?

It’s very simple. If the skin is packaged with an installer – just run it and follow instructions. If it is packaged as archive, then you need to unpack it and copy into “Skins” folder which is located inside the application folder.
Or you can simply drag&drop downloaded zip file with the skin into RadioSure window.

6. While recording I’m getting the begin of the songs cut off and the end of the songs clips for another song. Can you fix that?

Unfortunately this cannot be fixed because radio stations are transmitting the markers where songs begins/ends not really precise. In some stations the deviation could be 2-3 seconds or more; in other stations it is more accurate.

7. I’ve turned on the option to avoid recordings of advertisements but ads still being recorded. Why?

We detect ads by the length of the song – if the length is less than 90 seconds we don’t record it. But if the station put ads inside the song (don’t changing the name of the ad) then we aren’t able to detect such ads.

8. I’ve lost my registration code – how can I restore it?

You can always locate your registration code here Customer Support

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  1. Dear Sir,
    RadioSure (Created March 2019,free version)
    Problems with skins
    In Options/Skins I installed 2 skins:
    1/ leon-retro 2/Standard
    Both are usable and I can switch between them !
    The problem:
    I downloaded other skins, too :
    RS4Music_2_2_1036.rsn.zip and
    Purple Play_2_2_1036.rsn.zip
    None of them can be drawn and dropped, to be installed !
    Could you kindly help me , please ?
    Jack Cohen,PhD
    Tel Aviv,Israel

  2. Hi, i did not know we can register. What is it for?
    I would like to know if you have a version for Android.


  3. Hi, I am an 76 years old Internet Radio nerd, and for Windows (and – true – with WINE on Linux) RADIO SURE is now since many years my favourite App – although I can only run RS with 2 instances. But there are over 400 other FREE iNetradio-Apps on the Internet, many of them much better than the ones you have to pay for! If you are missing SETTINGS (LOL) just try this: rightclick !! You will maybe find even more then 3 different Dropdown menues, but I think these 3 is all you need: 1) the blue top line, 2) the place around the search box, and 3) the lower part of the window.
    I downloaded 780.000 Songs from around the world, between 1986 till today. It is worth trying new horizons, like RADIO JALIYA – my favourite Nr.1
    Have a nice time! And forget NOT: you can enter new Radio stations in RADIO SURE!!