1. Where do I choose the proxy which I want Radiosure to connect?

Proxy settings are taken from standard Windows Internet Options. This options can be changed in Internet Explorer. Run Internet Explorer and choose Options -> Connection options in the menu.

2. How to record many stations simultaneously?

To record many stations simultaneously you can run many instances of RadioSure at the same time and record different stations.

3. There’s a setting under the recording options, but when I change it, it still records at the original bitrate. Is this a bug, or am I doing it wrong?

MP3 streams are always recorded with its original bitrate because there is no encoding performed at all. The stream is just written into the file as is. So, it is recored without any loss of quality. There is no reason to record it with higher bitrate because that doesn’t improve the quality.

4. Can you please make a MAC/Linux/Win-mobile/Symbian version?

No, sorry. I have no experience with these systems. But as others saying you can run it under WINE in linux.

5. How do I install the skin?

It’s very simple. If the skin is packaged with an installer – just run it and follow instructions. If it is packaged as archive, then you need to unpack it and copy into “Skins” folder which is located inside the application folder.
Or you can simply drag&drop downloaded zip file with the skin into RadioSure window.

6. While recording I’m getting the begin of the songs cut off and the end of the songs clips for another song. Can you fix that?

Unfortunately this cannot be fixed because radio stations are transmitting the markers where songs begins/ends not really precise. In some stations the deviation could be 2-3 seconds or more; in other stations it is more accurate.

7. I’ve turned on the option to avoid recordings of advertisements but ads still being recorded. Why?

We detect ads by the length of the song – if the length is less than 90 seconds we don’t record it. But if the station put ads inside the song (don’t changing the name of the ad) then we aren’t able to detect such ads.

8. I’ve lost my registration code – how can I restore it?

You can always locate your registration code here Customer Support

536 thoughts on “F.A.Q.

  1. I had to reinstall my OS and lost my favorites so now I’m looking for all of them to save them again. Is there a way for me to backup my favorites stations so I wouldn’t have this problem next time?

  2. Also there seems to be a maximum of favorites to be saved and them it erases all the other ones that were already saved… you guys coould work on it for the next version, then RadioSure will be definetely the best radio soft.

  3. Your prog interested me. You should add the feature of pre-recording to it (when pressing the REC button some pre-buffered radio stream should also be recorded ). This is useful in recording a track if you missed the beginning of it. The size of pre-buffered stream to record should be customizable.

  4. Good Job!
    I wish it had a scheduling option, to allow atomatically record favorite radio programs.

  5. Trying tio upgrade the product i have a persistent error:

    There is a previous version installed, If I answer Yes:
    previuos is still running.
    I view the registry, run ccleaner and the error continue

  6. Just learned about your program and have to say that it is a great idea and works fairly well. I am just wondering why I cannot connect to some radio stations? I have about 10 in my favorites but I am only able to connect to 4 of them. Any thoughts?

  7. Mark :
    Good Job!
    I wish it had a scheduling option, to allow atomatically record favorite radio programs.

    Scheduling recording can be used as combination of standard windows scheduler and command-line parameters.

  8. Fabulous application! Thank you! How can one make Pandora work with this? Or is it possible! You’re a genius!

  9. Some of my radio stations are listed, but how do I add a station to the list?

  10. Hi very cool program, I want to suggest some features like:
    1. Suffle option, when you want to change the station.
    2. Scan option: play a station and at certain time (eg. 30 sec.) change station randomly and repeat again and again. So when i like a station I will decide to stop there. This function like many stereo cars

    sorry for my english, i hope a feedback.

  11. to whom may I send the Hebrew language file for Radiosure?(couldn’t find an email on the site).

  12. Reuven :
    to whom may I send the Hebrew language file for Radiosure?(couldn’t find an email on the site).

    Please send it to this e-mail: thebestware(at)gmail.com

  13. Just installed RadioSure, Love it. Have two questions:
    What is the RadioSure.XML file and what is it used for and should it be backed up

  14. I unziped “BlueHarc.rsn” into th skins folder. Now how do you change the skin? I can find nothing in options about setting the new skin.

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