There are a lot of comments related design, look and feel, window size and so on. Yes, this is important. Via proper design one can express his mood and his view on the reality. 🙂

The problem is that I’m not a designer – not even near to it. 🙂

So, designers! I’m inviting you!

In the latest version you can find a folder “Skins” inside the application folder.

A skin is just an xml file called “skin.rsn” inside skin folder and images around it. Very simple. Structure of XML is also very simple, you can play with it. One note is – the color code is like this “A,R,G,B”, where A is alpha (means transparency), R,G,B is a color.

And you can press F5 when you change the XML, so it will apply the changed skin. A skin can be choosen in options on page “Advanced”.

You can edit this XML file with this free tool: Free Microsoft XML Editor.

I know few people will like to create profesionally looking skins just for free. So, if you want to create very nice looking skins and want to sell it here please let me know I will think how we can do that.

Let’s start to create nice and beautiful skins! 😉

Click here to see Full List of Skins.

If you want your skins to be published, please send me a mail with following information:

1. Skin Name – short name of the skin

2. Description – a discription for your skin, preferably 2-5 sentences.

3. URL to small image for skin preview (size 150×100)

4. URL to full size preview image

5. URL where to download the skin file (should be ZIP archived file only)  

You can use to store images and to store your skin archive for downloading.

If you wand to sell your skins, then you need to do following steps:

1. Create seller account here:

2. Create the product for selling (the skin) and tell me the name of this product.

Send me following info:

3. Skin Name – short name of the skin

4. Description – a discription for your skin, preferably 2-5 sentences.

5. URL to small image for skin preview (size 150?100)

6. URL to full size preview image

7. ZIP file with the skin for testing.

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  1. Hello,
    They are very pretty these skins.
    My friend made me discover RadioSure last year by offering me the Pro version of this super little radio that I listen to almost every day.
    I’m using the Radio Spica skin i like a lot and i started doing skin too this summer that i’m almost done and maybe i’d like to give it to the Radiosure community if you like.
    How do I propose it and have your opinion ?
    Thank you for your answers and long live RadioSure.