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If you want to report a bug please do it here: bug tracking system.

You can send us a private e-mail:

You can also post all your questions/suggestions here on our forum.

Do you want to see RadioSure in your language? It’s very easy. Just open “Lang” folder inside the application folder. There you’ll see many “lng” files.

That is just a simple XML files. Just copy one of it and open it with Microsoft Word or with Free Microsoft XML Editor. Translate the wording and send it back to us. We will include it into next version.

— In Russian —

Мы будем очень рады услышать любые ваши отзывы.

Если вы хотите сообщить об обнаруженном дефекте, вы можете cделать это здесь: сообщить о дефекте.

Вы можете также отправить нам личное сообщение сюда:

Хотите увидеть RadioSure на вашем языке? Это очень легко. Откройте каталог “Lang” в каталоге установки программы. Там вы увидете много “lng” файлов.

Это очень простые XML файлы. Откройте их с помощью Microsoft Word. Переведите фразы на свой язык и отправьте нам и мы включим ваш файл в следущую версию.

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  1. 我在三日前购买这个产品,可三日后还没能收到激活密码!请尊重你的名誉

    Purchase this product before my 3rd,after 3rd still haven’t received the activation code! Please respect your reputation


  2. Very nice. Thanks for RadioSure. (And for Russia!)

    If there’s a risk of a bloated version with Instant Messenging or TV, could that than be an (non modular) expanded version? To keep a lightweight RadioSure.

    I do have one wish at the moment: • Full screen & • Bigger text & buttons (otherwise too fiddly for my father to use with or without a mouse)

    Yours, Bas


  3. I have received a new update of Windows 10 and the radio stopped working. No dropping down the screen and I see me playing only the last station you listen. I’ve been without its good product.
    And reinstalled but the problem is not solved.
    Please, I can do
    Thank you

  4. Sem sombra de dúvida , o mais completo app de radio da atualidade.
    Só tem predicados positivos.
    Parabens aos criadores. Continuem evoluindo sempre.

  5. As a long-time user of Rarma Radio, your main (and only?) competitor, I have some initial feedback to offer.

    Positive comments:
    1. Huge database
    2. Desktop popups when new songs are played

    Negative comments:
    1. Can’t be maximized (why?)
    2. Very few options, compared to Rarma Radio
    3. Too many “cannot connect” errors
    4. No favourites backup/Restore functions

    Please get back to me about my feedback!