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by inbo
02 Aug 2015, 19:06
Forum: Using the RadioSure
Topic: streamon station
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streamon station

There is this station I'd like to check out at I suspect there are more on and they all follow the same "recipe" which involves Flash and Java. I understand that you cannot easily decode Flash in RadioSure, but this is different, as it is also Java and the strea...
by inbo
02 Nov 2014, 06:22
Forum: Have you found a defect in RadioSure?
Topic: No updating in Windows 10
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No updating in Windows 10

I've been using RadioSure in several windows versions and it always worked great. However, in Windows 10 Preview the app doesn't seem to get the song properly (I'm listening mostly to Groove Salad, but it doesn't get the song in other radio stations either). This creates a number of empty notificati...