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cannot connect to RADIO D - MAGYAR NOTA

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cannot connect to RADIO D - MAGYAR NOTA

Postby hermanbie » 02 Jan 2018, 20:29

When I type "radio d - magyar" the RadioSure software finds 7 stations.
6 of them are connecting, I can listen to these 6 stations, but the one that I wanted to listen to, radio d - magyar nota, does not work, i get the message "cannot connect".
This is the source:
In my browser the radio plays normally when I use this URL.
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Re: cannot connect to RADIO D - MAGYAR NOTA

Postby Fonzy » 03 Jan 2018, 03:15

Fixed by Mirz.
You cannot submit website-player-url's in sources of radio (as you did), just capture the naked stream for the sources ...
(just got the message "fixed station" from Mirz, will be approved in few minutes, so you can get the station from tomorrow (if pro !, else copy the list from stations-site)
working stream is:
(if you want to submit it from clipboard) :-)
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