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How back up favorites?

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How back up favorites?

Postby Earworm » 04 Sep 2016, 15:40

I wonder where the file containing my laboriously composed favorites list is residing on Windows, because I want to make a copy and store it away from the C:\drive and never have to rebuild the list again.

Thank you.
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Re: How back up favorites?

Postby Fonzy » 04 Sep 2016, 23:57

The favorites are inside the "RadioSure.xml" file , situated depending on "installed as portable" or "ususal install"
In portable install, all files are in one folder together (the xml file in the main folder). In usual install, the file can be in " c:\documents and settings \(your account)\aplicationdata\radiosure (or in ...\local settings\applicationdata\radiosure , I am not sure about, since I did install as portable, to have the least searching for files)

You can make a copy of the xml file, but if restore that file, also all settings are the same as in the saved file, or (more hassle) you can extract the section favorites, store them in your own (dos/text-) file, and later edit the xml file , adding the section saved.
Being inside the xml file is also the reason why limited number can be stored, depending on a license (PRO-) or free use.
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