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How to record and playback

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How to record and playback

Postby greyhound » 12 Dec 2016, 22:16

Can anyone help please

I have recorded a trial radio, and it appears in Radio Sure recordings on my computer, on a normal icon when I right click it allows to play, I right click and options are "open with media player", which I do and it plays.I then "send to" my usb, try to open/play doesn't seem to work , any suggestions please

Many Thanks
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Re: How to record and playback

Postby Fonzy » 13 Dec 2016, 01:09

Recording songs and be able to play..., that is all RadioSure does.
Whatever you want to do with songs, is beyond the purpose of Radiosure
(My suggestion, in stead of "send to....", better copy or rightclick and drag to your USB stick
If songs on your USB stick will not play ...??., are they fully transferred/copied before you try to open them ????
or is there a link (to the song) placed on your usb stick, while song itself removed in recordings ?
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