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Win 10 and RS recording.

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Win 10 and RS recording.

Postby shakierahh » 24 Feb 2017, 11:51

Hello how are u? :)

I hope u can help me. I use Radio Sure since 1000 years. :) :) :) The best tool i have. :) :)

RadioSure works in Windwos 10 64bit, only when i use the Portable Modus. When i install it, and i want to play, RadioSure get a error (without report), and stop/crash. So i use the Portable Modus now. The Standard-Options to record files are in "split Recordings".

When i want to record the files, and i dont want to split the files, i klick the checkbox that it records only one file.

My Problem now is, when i klick the check Box, and i klick OK, - it do not save what i choosed now. It split all files as the Standard Version. All Options changes are not saved.

Is there any way how to save the new Options i choosed? Is there any way to install (Version RadioSure-2.2.1046) in Win 10?

I hope you can help me.
Thanks a lot,
have a nice day,
silvia :) :) :)
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Re: Win 10 and RS recording.

Postby Fonzy » 24 Feb 2017, 12:15

About settings not saved:
Be sure to install on a writable medium / folder, since all settings are in radiosure.xml file stored(in the install folder for portable installs)
For recordings:
be sure to set "bitrate" NOT to "auto", but choose one (128 Kb)
After changes (if you did only click "save", but not "apply") better close RS and re-open it.
- Not splitting means not "record just one song", but keeps recording all in one large chunk of music !!
(recording only the current playing song is not a feature of RadioSure, but it is for inLigt-Radio, for who has this radioplayer)
Hope this helps you
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Re: Win 10 and RS recording.

Postby shakierahh » 24 Feb 2017, 15:11

Hello :)
Thank you very much. It works.
Thanks again for your friendly help!!
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