Cannoot Connect On My Australian Programs

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Cannoot Connect On My Australian Programs

Post by Dazza » 22 Mar 2017, 07:21

Hi I have had R S for Years and I did a Re-Install Because it kept 'Dropping Out' and Now I cannot Connect To any Of My 4 Australian Favourite Stations I have tried everything But it just comes up " :? Cannot Connect" can someone help me please Dazza

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Re: Cannoot Connect On My Australian Programs

Post by Fonzy » 22 Mar 2017, 12:12

After re-install or new-install, you have to update your stationslist(installed list is from date that package was made, and so it is an old list !)
If free user, you can wait some week, or for pro every day you have an upgrade.
Also you can download the recent list from the website/stations, below download.... and unzip in the stations subfolder. Take care to remove the oldest list (stationsxxx.rsd)," because that is the first the radio sees when starting , and so it is kept as the valid".Only keep the downloaded (xxx = date of list)

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