Advertising in the registered version

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Advertising in the registered version

Post by ilya83302 » 24 Apr 2019, 04:39

Hello. I use the program in Russia. The program is purchased and registered. Often there is audio-advertising in Russian language, but I already bought it?

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Re: Advertising in the registered version

Post by Fonzy » 24 Apr 2019, 08:19

Advertising on radiostations is only a matter of the station.... It has nothing to do with the radio-software . Just tune to an other station if you do not want advertisements.
** in a lot of cases, stations,depend on the fee of advertisers to keep existing, or else if stations go via providers like, or radionomy, then those providers launch their own advertisements between the streams ( is part of the contract, for they pay broadcast rights in place of the real stations)
There is / was never a claim from RadioSure company to ban advertisements in radiostreams. Only during recording, advertisements can be skipped if they are shorter than 90 seconds in time and recognised as such (see options - recording : in radio player)

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