About Mr Mirz

All questions about using RadioSure.
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About Mr Mirz

Post by jeuprime » 15 Aug 2019, 19:41


It's Second time, Mr Mirz doesn''t approve my request for add a radio.

First time about sputnik France

this stream works( submittor) NO IT DOES NOT !!, the submiteed one"s where no connection by RS, and even no webstream or webplayer (= java): this stream from website and works: Again: PLEASE TEST your streams IN RADIO SURE, not in any other webbrowser nor player (VLC).

The stream in question wasn't French but American.

Second time about cafe del mar

fix stream by Jeuprime (but he does'nt use radiosure for sure !!, because httpS does not work, so he did not test radiostation!!:fixed

Weird, it's work with the https too here.

Maybe Mr Mirz use free radiosure :D :D

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Re: About Mr Mirz

Post by Fonzy » 15 Aug 2019, 19:56

Me, as well as Mr Mirz do use RadioSure PRO, and the last version 2.2.1046 (other versions do not support HLS or m3u8 streams)
The fact , thas some users manage to get https streams to work in RadioSure , has appeared more . No one can explain why it does on some locations, not on others. In my personal view, it only can happen if the server automatic adapts to "not https", because radiosure can not handle https (except for HLS module that copes with secure transfert).
If the approver does test the https stream, and it does not work in (his/her) Radio , then it is recommended to change it to http. In fact, http should always be preferred if both work.

If mr Mirz should have you handled unfair in your mind , then I apologize for him. Just tried to explain above how we work on approval.
Of course, there are other members with approval rights , and I do not know if they test all https streams.

Also it can happen (not in Your case !) that streams are submitted, that do not play at all, not https, not http, and do play in VLC or Winamp.
Altough playing in webbrowsers (java or flash players or specialized players as VLC or Winamp, that can emulate browsers !!), those streams are not valid for RadioSure, and will not be approved( obvious while the submittor does not play those in radiosure, and the database is for RadioSure)

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Re: About Mr Mirz

Post by Boosman » 17 May 2020, 09:50

Fonzy can you tel me or show how you can find duplicate radiostream and deleted ?

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Re: About Mr Mirz

Post by Fonzy » 17 May 2020, 17:41

For duplicated stations, it is simple:in the stationslist, just type the name of station, or type country so you see all stations corresponding, or having corresponding words in the recordsheet
For streams, it is difficult, cause you have to enter each stationsheet,
However, some "specialist" as Q........., have methods by means of importing the rsd file into msexcell, or use a msqwerry function on the list (with certain keywords??) revealing all stations with corresponding streams (that is what I understood from his explanations in other postings....)
For wellknown stations of your own interest, you see it soon by using, and check yourself.
More do I not know about this question...
O yes ,how to delete streams = edit the file, and save corrected one= goes to pending section for approving.
For stations to remove(delete), do not by edit, but choose delete as option, and give the reason why.. Also this action moves that station to pending section for approval
Hope this helps you...

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Re: About Mr Mirz

Post by eMzw7gJ2NjEdmoNkiR9B » 03 Aug 2020, 19:38

As of 2020-06-07 RadioSure had 602 duplicate streams. Some had with duplicate Titles but most did not.

To find them, download the latest station list ( http://www.radiosure.com/rsdbms/stations2.zip ), unzip it, open it with MS Excel and accept all the defaults for the file conversion.

Once in the spreadsheet, sort by the Source 1 column than add a new column that checks to see if the current line's stream is the same as the previous line's stream [eg =IF(H2=H1,"Dupe","Nodupe") ] where H is the Source 1 column in Excel. Copy that formula down the entire column and then use the data filter function to select only the dupes.

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