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Windows OS and RadioSure

Posted: 26 Feb 2020, 21:24
by Jazzfan
With Windows 7 no longer being updated by Microsoft, and Windows 8.1 will stop being updated soon as well I am looking at updating to 10 myself. I would like to get everyone's opinions on how well RadioSure works with their Windows 10 OS. Only interested in users who are actively using Windows 10. Not opinions of anyone else. :lol:

I currently run two different versions of Windows 7 (two computers) and am well acquainted with them. I won't touch Windows 8, thank you. :roll:

Re: Windows OS and RadioSure

Posted: 26 Feb 2020, 22:43
by Lapsang
Hello Jazzfan,

Windows 8.1 can be used until 2023.

I recently migrated to Windows 10 and Radio?Sure! works the same as in Windows 7.

Re: Windows OS and RadioSure

Posted: 27 Feb 2020, 00:28
by Fonzy
I do use now RadioSure also in Win 10s (removed the S, by installing programs others than from the microsoft-store), so now Windows10-home., and this is irreversible)
I did install on D:\ drive (extra SSD drive inserted by myself), cause many folders in C:\ are (over-)protected by windows, and radiosure needs to be writable for the program itself (to get pro by the license) , the xml which stores the settings, history etc, and the stations folder where the updates rsd file go. Installed thus as "portable"= all files in 1 folder and sub-folders.
I also install all own programs on D:\ because the very limited size of the only- C:\ drive (56 Gb) (notebook) I did install that extra SSD, since internal no HD's can be connected, external it can, as well as DVD drives, Floppy drives, etc
Registering was no problem, with the data from my (still existing) WinXP computer.
The skins work as before, and no compatibility settings need to be made( although I did start it first with admin-rights, to be sure the registering was OK to write the reg-data to registry
Do not forget to enable Radiosure to get to internet if using a firewall ( I use Zonealarm, disabling the internal firewall from windows, but gets more flexible settings for programs )
I even transferred my MSaccess databases to that Win10, but run them under MSoffice 2007, since the latter versions 16 or 14 do weird things with MS access , and MSoffice is now to be "rented "yearly at 100€/year payment, in stead of buy one time a dvd, so I prefer the "OLD "Offices" that where suppossed not to work under WIn10 (a s I did research about 2 years ago , and therefore did not upgrade my "real-pc" to WIN10, also for that, needed about 600€ costs for hardware not accepted by the WIN 10 installer))

Re: Windows OS and RadioSure

Posted: 20 Mar 2020, 00:33
by Jazzfan
Thank you both. Very helpful.