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connection failed

Posted: 31 Jul 2020, 23:13
by jdbeste1
I have a problem with RADIOSURE Normaly i use it without problems. But today the problem is that it will not connect with any station.

I think it is a firewall problem. I am using windows 10 . So i want to know how can i set my firewall to connect again?

I have also reinstalled the prgram several times but without resolution. So who knows moer about it?

Let me pls know .

Thanks a lot


Re: connection failed

Posted: 31 Jul 2020, 23:25
by Fonzy
because you do not mention which firewall you use, it is hard to advice you.
Personal I never use the Windows firewall cause it sucks ( has always been so, never checks outgoing connections, so we cannot detect what the windows modules are doing)
I can only advice, check the program in the firewall settings, allow the program to access the internet, that's all. further My advice = never install in the "windows program files" maps, because of the rules Windows uses to "protect" that area. Advice = install in a map outside the windows system, even, on a usb-stick or SD card, but be sure not to write-protect it , for Radiosure has to be able to change the program ( for making it pro if license), and for writing favorites and settings in the xml file, and for updting stations (rsd-file)
If all those simple things are OK, radiosure "runs like a train"
( check also, if PRO, that there is not a proxy filled in , on section "network setting" under options.... you never know you forgot that to set not to use any proxy, cause proxies do not live forever..., after one or some day the proxy can gets invalid, and then you have no connection at all)

Re: connection failed

Posted: 31 Jul 2020, 23:35
by jdbeste1
Ik am using the common firewall from windows 10. Here are rules for coming in en coming out. But i didnt see radiosure in that list

Re: connection failed

Posted: 01 Aug 2020, 00:04
by Fonzy
my advice: disable the windows firewall, and install a "good one" , such as Zonealarm (free), where every program or windows module ask permission to run, go to internal maps and go to internet, separated as incoming access and outgoing access. I have a long list inside Zonealarm, but I can allow or deny any program or module, even deny starting/running
If you stick to your windows defender, then you have to search by yourself where and what is blocking the radiosure program, or wait until someone reads this posting , using windows defender and knows where the issue is situated ..... Since You are a user here now, You can surely access internet by your browser.
You do not see Radiosure in the incoming or outgoing list... Not a supprise to me, a Windows firewalls are not worthy to be called "firewall" ( do you see ANY program in the lists you mentioned of the firewall ??... In my windows defender there is only the option the browser or pc is "public", "private", depending of the access from outside allowed, but not any program is displayed, nor can I find such properties of allowed internet for any program, except.... you are right.... In zonealarm firewall) PS: Windows 10 is "happy" if it finds it's defender suspended, and Zonealarm is ON. You get no warning about that.
Are there other programs outside of your internet browser (Mailwasher?, FTP program?, that accesses internet outside or not by your browser ) that cannot enter the internet either ?