Stations disappeared

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Stations disappeared

Post by Nouchet » 21 Nov 2020, 17:43

I use RS now from several years. It's a wonderful piece of software!

3 days ago, I had access to some stations like those of the RTBF (Belgium), Classic 21 (Belgium), Nostalgie (Belgium), Nostalgie (France) and Addictive 50s (Canada) among others.
And then, yesterday, they were "impossible connection" flagged!
And now, while I write this, suddenly, they're back.

How do you explain this?

Anyway, thank you!

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Re: Stations disappeared

Post by Fonzy » 21 Nov 2020, 18:10

There is no explanation to give by us, we only provide a list of stations for the player. If there is suddenly no connection, there are 2 possible causes, 1- the station url has changed while your list still contains the old URL (you can check that in stationsbase.. are those stations changed last days ?), or 2- your ISP did not connect to those IP adresses for whatever reason...(since you do not mention your country, we cannot guess if that is known or possible)

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