All questions about using RadioSure.
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Post by annode1 » 24 Oct 2015, 18:54

I understand I can use the command lines in the 'info' to set up an automated recording event.
The problem is that i`m not all that familiar with writing this.
Maybe someone can write it out for me and I can just paste it in the command prompt.
- Station = WXPN
- manual record start.
- run for 360 minutes then stop.
I listen to this program every week at Sunday 1:00am.


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Re: Automated

Post by Fonzy » 26 Oct 2015, 13:58

first in general, for full-automated recording:
- You must see , the computer is already started before recording time . You can do so by a timer-clock, if the bios is set "after powerdown, the pc starts up automatic at power-up". Hardly to establish with laptops computers. Then you power-up the pc by a timer-clock (hardware or a electronic one, does not mather)
- you must realise the starting time by a sheduler (if you do it by hand, you can more easily start the radio and the recording manually, and let it run the desired time lenght)
so to start the sheduled task (in windows tasks), you must make a batch file , containing the sentence with the command line (simply a flat txt file made by notepad, or an other editor , but save the file as a dos-txt file(xxx.txt)
The radio station(name) choice does not exist at command level. You can only start the radio , give a parameter for the radiostation, that is " the source1" URL of the wanted radio station, (be sure that URL is valid, --try it by starting it in the radio),define parameters for the time length and the record command options,
You can find the command and parameters in the radio : righ-click-options, last page of options "info"
You see the options for not showing the radio, and /or have no sound (mute), wich has no sense if you are not present, and do not affect the recordings
To be sure to have the right source , right-click on the station in the radio, select properties, and there select the sentence in source1 line, and paste it in the txt( filke (batch)

O yes, if you create a txt file=OK, but to use it , it must be renamed to .bat, and the name and location of that batch file must be placed in the sheduler of windows

SO, short:: if you do not want use timers(hardware to power-up/down) and shedulers (to start and end task), you can only let the pc on, and start the recording , and let it go for the wanted time

-see the PC has sufficient space on the recording map for the time you record,
For automated with timer-clock : the pc must be started (powered -on)10 minutes before the timer starts, to be sure windows (or your OS) is full running and able to perform the tasks and start programs, and stay on till after the end of time for the recording ,
After that you can shedule a stop command or switch the power off by the timer-clock

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Re: Automated

Post by Fonzy » 26 Oct 2015, 19:05

example ( my radio sure is located in c:\program files\radiosure folder)
Best always use the full path to the radiosure.exe

The source for WXPN88.5FM is:
so the command line looks like:

"c:\program files\radiosure\radiosure.exe" /source= "" /record /duration=360 /mute /hidden

Note the (at least) one space between the command "....radiosure.exe" and each parameter (that is DOS syntax !), and the " around the url and path+radiosure command, since they both contain spaces in the strings , and a space is a separator between commands or parameters unless between "

The date and starttime always are determined by your direct input or by the sheduler parameters, and don't forget (for automated recordings)... the computer must be ON and have internet active (just as you would play the radio)

You can place the command string in a batch file, and start that file in Start - Execute- ...., in stead of typing the command there , even if you do not shedule the task
Just discovered.
No need to give file name; - the recordings get the name of the song, just as you get it by clicking the record button.
If you specify a name:then, the short piece (not complete song at the end) gets that name, so do not specify /filename=
(edited and shortened, after testing myself the command line and parameters)

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Re: Automated

Post by Phred » 02 Sep 2016, 19:35

BTW, for anyone who reads Fonzy's post in the eons that follow 2015, you can add the command-line [above] in Windows' Task Scheduler - a very good alarm/executer always on tap.
Just remember to put the first part with ...radiosure.exe in the program to execute field, and all the other variables in the following parameters field.
Highly recommended.

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