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Hiding equalizer animation

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Hiding equalizer animation

Postby *@music@* » 22 Dec 2015, 19:58

Hi everybody, great application, but I have two questions.
1. Can you adjust size of program window somehow ?
2. Can you hide or turn off the equalizer animation window ?
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Re: Hiding equalizer animation

Postby Fonzy » 22 Dec 2015, 20:24

NO on both questions, if you mean to switch or vary the windowsize
You can do so, by changing the skin. You can make the equaliser picture "hidden" in the xml script of the skin, so it won't display anymore. Of course, on that skin, you never have the equaliser
The same way, you can shrink the size of the equalizer picture, or even move it to an other place(change of coordinates in the xml script)
Care: there are two scripts, one of the full size, one for the minimised size of the skins. - Do study the skin folder and the xml files
Best you save changes to an other skin-name, in case it gets some errors
If any error in script file, you get a "windows "like skin , but still have the options to change skin to an other working one.
For a bigger or smaller size of the player, you also have to make or choose a skin with other size
I know, there exist other players that have the option of grabbing a corner and enlarge or shrink the body, the way of "Winamp" does as an example, but there the options of choose stations and record them (certainly with the option of "full song" recording in mp3 format) is not available

I removed your other question, since this one contains the same question in fact...
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