To ALL editors on Stations ATTENTION !!

Here we can discuss radio stations which we are listening to.
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To ALL editors on Stations ATTENTION !!

Post by Fonzy » 07 Feb 2019, 22:45

Attention volunteers on radio stations site:

Today admin visited the stations base.
Until now (from the restart febr 2019) the function "reject " did not work : -- Still not working
From today; auto-reject after update does NOT work anymore: - meaning CREATION OF DUPLICATES (yes the old original sheet remains in database as active !!, and the edited one is a new sheet) is in list of deleted, but original keeps in database as active)

I did send a message to admin about this, but reactions .....????.....
Meanwhile, I DO NOT APPROVE STATIONS , for the approving created duplicates, and those to be deleted will not be deleted.
Further investigation::
Problem solved by admin on febr. 08 - 2019
All functions work on , and changes can be submitted

Thank You admin :-)
Now we have to watch duplicates in the list next few days...
Appears to be HUNDREDS of records... impossible those are submitted/approved in those 2 days , the reject function did not work.... What happened ? (joined the records of reject back to the active records by admin ???, just an idea....)
Found by Lapsang: RNE - Radio Clasica disappeared from database, was in rsd file from yesterday, but outdated stream, so Lapsang would update station, and did not find it anymore:
Other issues; choices "discard changes", back to search", and more do not work as they should.... mostly no reaction, only escaping by choice "Stations" on header. After that, appearing more windows are used, so not discard or back to search, but new window (not automatically opened in my browser, so discovered late)
Admin working hard.... but on un-necessary things , and causing weird things, like losing radiostations, without any recording of the actions...
Still no solution for the daily advertisings in the users-listings, so no need to delete the postings of those advertisers.

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