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Radio+Sure on Android

Postby Fonzy » 30 Jul 2017, 02:25

A while ago, some user asked here if "Radio+Sure" was from the RadioSure as we know from the pc application.
Well NO !
As I have recently got an Android smartphone, I found the Rado+Sure player in the Play store, and installed for "just curiosity".
The author is balobilo (, and the only connection with "our" radiosure is a "stolen" stationslist (the last update from april 2017)
The copy is 100% matching the radiosure stationsbase , including station names, comments/description and streams
Filtering is cripple, since you MUST specify ONE country, ONE language, and then you got a list of stations (specify german and Cantonese result of stations across the world , with cantonese as language : SO the language = first order selection, country need no match.
However, you cannot select "no language " (-) or no country (-), and fltering is not combinable (e.g. Belgium and Dutch and french , because belgium with "all languages" cannot be selected ),same for other "multi languaged countries"
Playing goes as follows:select station (tip), scroll down to url list and tip one.
The station then plays by the internal android player., wich cannot be stopped without leaving the app, or selecting an other station
I tested also the m3u8 streams (101.5 Kool FM from Canada). as expected this stream is NOT decoded.
The record funcion: you must tip the microphone to record, and that is only from the start-point of the tipping, not the whole song. Format is mp3, and it works (local stored songs, with play functions shuffle and loop)
In other words: Not comparable with the features of our "real" radiosure player" on PC
Being a wrong thing in my opinion, is that the author balobilo does not even mention the stations list is kept and updated by volunteers AND for RadioSure company !, and that he STEALS the database for his app !!(because he has no license to use that database)
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