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RNE Radio Clásica

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Re: RNE Radio Clásica

Postby Nick_G » 30 Oct 2017, 21:51

Fonzy wrote:Hi,
Indeed , streams are changed (from m3u8 HLS coding, to m3u/mp3 coding)
Asked Mirz to edit all stations,so I could approve them ( als RNE stations now work again)
To get the new list, download from radiosure/stations below the new list, or wait two days (PRO users), or wait a week at least for free users if you want list to be updated by radio itself.
for radio classica
for nacional ... ne.mp3.m3u
for radio3 -- 5 ... o3.mp3.m3u
change radio3 to radio4 or to radio5 in the stream
for exterior ... or.mp3.m3u

Thanks Fonzy. So were the m3u8 streams just temporary? The RNE Radio 3 m3u8 stream did sound noticeably better than the MP3 version, presumably because it was using the AAC codec.
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Re: RNE Radio Clásica

Postby Fonzy » 30 Oct 2017, 23:50

Temporary or not ??, has it relation with problems in Spain, Catalonia ? , some companies already moved headquarters from Barcelona to elsewhere in Spain, Banks also, radio station RNE is also headquartered in catalonia if I'm not mistake ....
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Re: RNE Radio Clásica

Postby Lapsang » 31 Oct 2017, 00:11

No, no, RNE is based in Madrid. It's the national radio for Spain.

The slogan of the company is: "Cien por cien Radio Nacional" (Hundred percent national radio). Says Wikipedia.
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