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Radio Eska Poland does not connect

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Radio Eska Poland does not connect

Postby marcoibk » 02 Nov 2017, 22:24

all streams from Radio Eska are not connect exept Warszawa 105.6 FM and Rock.
I trayed a lot of station on the web page
they works fine but for me is impossible to extract the stream and on other radio station pages they have the same problem.
If someone have a solution.....
best regards,
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Re: Radio Eska Poland does not connect

Postby Fonzy » 03 Nov 2017, 00:11

If someone undestands Polish....
The streams are showed in a window on the site and work


You must select the desired station (not easy on the site) and push the play button on end of the window of it, the the main screen goes grey and appears the URL. Be sure to copy the whole line(s) as the hash can be longer as the display !!
Streams above play, but I cannot figure uot wich station they are from... :-)
PS:streams appear also in URLsnooper between the large number of javacript lines ( see etc )
edit:Mirz just told me, Katy putted all eska stations for delete ???, is that not a bit early ??
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Re: Radio Eska Poland does not connect

Postby Katy » 03 Nov 2017, 23:49

Please delete. Because with New stream has key the end . I think every 12 hour change key the end Stream .
Note: If we see New Stream without Code coming on web than We Can Edit Station with new stream without code
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