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Submitting station changes

Posted: 25 Apr 2019, 06:36
by Jazzfan
I am registered to submit changes to Radio Stations and submitted one. I expect that the change is verified by other(s) outside the USA. Since it occurs to me there can be such restrictions.

Re: Submitting station changes

Posted: 25 Apr 2019, 17:29
by Fonzy
I saw your change. Just removed the 3 first sources.. I went to the website, and there is also a webplayer, from which can be retrieved a source (and it plays also here in Europe)
To test restrictions: if source plays IN RADIO SURE at your site, it is fine. If you want to test absolutely for a certain region, then use a proxyserver from that region (test proxy first on known station, cause not all proxies are happy with random users!).

That approvers really test all submitted changes, is whishfull thinking :-) ;-)
There are days with hundreds of stations that are created or changed, so it is not possible to test all for yes or no working in all countries. I am happy to find directly suspicious streams ( not normal links), that I test in the radio, and mostly it is then a webplayer, or some webservice with no detectable stream, or sometimes they just give a website as source-url ......
As for your editted station. If it plays = ok, but please if there is just one stream put / move it to source 1, and also put the website in his field, that is easier if a stream outdates to find a new one, or to be sure the same station is found if you think to have a new stream.
Success with your actions ,:-)