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Posted: 09 May 2019, 13:31
by Lapsang

Often already, I noticed that the few stations from Vietnam are not mentioned with their country name.

So, today I thought “I am going to edit these stations”.

But: the name “Vietnam” is absent in the list of countries!

How can this strange omission be corrected?

Re: Vietnam

Posted: 09 May 2019, 14:49
by Fonzy
It cannot....
It is on admin or board administrator to update list of countries, flags for them etc..
Years ago , I and others mailed to admin and by PM , about this.
I even made a list then, about missing countries, link to where their country flags could be downloaded, and languages (plus the option "multi" for language)
Never got any reaction ( at first ,on a few new items, admin added them, but on the full list I provided never was any response)
Maybe I should search to find that list again, but I am affraid it is lost due to crashes on RadioSure site...
Maybe some good soul will create such list or table again and send it to " thebestware company"

Re: Vietnam

Posted: 09 May 2019, 15:05
by Lapsang
If I understand you well, Mr. Fonzy, Vietnam is not the only country affected.

Until now I only saw this problem when it comes to Vietnam.

Re: Vietnam

Posted: 09 May 2019, 19:06
by Fonzy
No, and if,you check the stations without country, you will find in the description mostly which country it is about, or the stations without language for the languages the same story....

Re: Vietnam

Posted: 26 May 2019, 16:29
by zhouying82
these vietnam radiostation haven't work till now ...

Re: Vietnam

Posted: 26 May 2019, 19:51
by Fonzy
"these radiostations" means ...???, Please specify which stations doe not work,( and submit the right stream for them if you can)
The topic starter just mentioned "there is no name for country, for Vietnam in the database selection , and he is right, not a country, altough the language exists)