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Missing station

Posted: 04 Mar 2020, 23:02
by SAREL1950
Try a long time to see what happen to Boervolk and Radio Sonder Grense radio stations but up to now only the other stations play. Do somebody know what is wrong.

Re: Missing station

Posted: 05 Mar 2020, 00:32
by Fonzy
I did take a look at the websites of Boervolk and Radio Sonder Grense, and both are NOT playing on their websites . I tried all links they put on the websites for alternative players, but none is working.
This is a matter of the stations themselves, not an issue of RadioSure of course...
We can only wait until the stations-players are gone active again, and if needed , the sources must be adapted/updated

Since You are an interested listener if both stations, I believe You are best fitted to follow this up :-)
(if stations play on websites, but not on the radiosure player, just inform us here ...)