Update 2Gb Australia stream

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Update 2Gb Australia stream

Post by ajm673 » 17 Dec 2020, 11:59

Dear all,
Recently 2GB Australia have updated their stream address. The old address now tells us to update to correct url. Have done some googling and been unable to locate new stream address. Can some one please help to update this channel? 2Gb can be found here: https://www.2gb.com/listen-live/

Also, would appreciate any help on software / tutorials etc that can help me identify these urls in the future so I can help update channels. Cheers Andy

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Re: Update 2Gb Australia stream

Post by Fonzy » 17 Dec 2020, 13:44

The stream could be found if installed "URLsnooper", but only if NOT httpS, cause secure streams are coded, and locally in your pc decoded.
Those https streams can also be found like:
- start the page with webplayer in your browser,
- then in the body of the page do rightclick and choose "inspect",
,now on the right hand an extra window opens,
- then start the player in the left shifted main screen
- if plays, go to right screen and choose "networks",
- now (after restarting player again) you see in the box below data appearing, and by hoovering the mouse, it reveals the stream

- Now copy that stream to wordpad or whatever flat text editor (rightclick on the line of the stream)
remove the long tail ( everything after aac or normal stream url endings
test in radiosure (play from clipboard)
try if stream also works with http in front (remove the s from https)
copy the stream with http and again play from clipboard. If works, then submit http stream at preference, to be compatible with old pc's using Radiosure , where no https streams can be received by RadioSure ( old pc with OS like Win XP, vista,...) In Win 10 the OS seems to convert internal the https streams for the application of RadioSure

While typing this, I asked Mirz to change the station, so I can approve the changes :-)

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Re: Update 2Gb Australia stream

Post by ajm673 » 18 Dec 2020, 00:11

Thanks so much Fonzy
Very clear instructions which was easy to follow and apply :D

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