Here we can discuss radio stations which we are listening to.
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Post by C63_AMG » 21 Jul 2021, 12:24

Hello all, one pleb "uplinker" here.

I have one note / question related to 101.ru stations. In 101.ru are many stations and many user´s stations. What I mean:

For example IDs 172325, 173032 or 155868 are user´s stations which have nothing to do with original 101.ru stations.
And for example IDs 180332, 175740 or 175718 are original stations..

And my question is, could I clean it a bit + fix all links to make it more cleand and smooth? Or keep it mixed with user´s stations? ;)

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Re: 101.ru

Post by Fonzy » 24 Jul 2021, 17:08

not an answer on the question core, but You reference here to ID's of stations. You know, those cannot be searched for on the database of the website, so it is hard to follow what you mean by the comparison of those numbers.
On the rds file, there are not ID's either, just the stations in an excell-form file without headers and in the order they are downloaded (gathered order from the main database) . ID's can only been viewed if opening one station-sheet, and if anything change on the sheet, that ID is gone and replaced by the newest not-in use ID (unique number)

About the question itself. I have no preference. It can be a matther of feeling when using the radioplayer, and by filtering on names or other items, to get those stations grouped or included. Avoiding duplicates is asked, but sometimes it goes too far, so some users delete different stations because the stream seems the same or is the same as an other station. This can lead to "not finding" a station by some user because he/she has to search then in a total other country for the same station(sound) but with different stationsname.... so it is better to keep those things as they are submitted.

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Re: 101.ru

Post by C63_AMG » 14 Aug 2021, 13:15

The truth is I don´t use Radiosure as a software, I´m using only web version :D

Here is what I meant by numbers & IDs:

Stations such as
1) https://101.ru/radio/user/908864
2) https://101.ru/radio/user/880020

are user´s stations and has nothing to do with 101.ru in general.

Stations such as
1) https://101.ru/radio/channel/173
2) https://101.ru/radio/channel/82

are original 101.ru stations.

Hopefully it is more understable. :shock:

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Re: 101.ru

Post by Jazzfan » 15 Aug 2021, 18:13

If you are only using the station database and not the Radio?Sure! application, whatever you do to it to have it work for you is your preference. It doesn't matter if it works with RS since you are not using the app and you should expect the volunteers here can only assist if you are using the application. That is why they are here. :? Adding individual users from conglomerate radio station sites goes far beyond the scope of what should be expected of them. ;) Alternately you could edit the downloaded database to include them for your own database to use on the R?S! application. I trust this Google Translation is correct.

Если вы используете только базу данных радиостанций, а не приложение Radio? Sure!, то все, что вы с ним делаете, чтобы оно работало на вас, является вашим предпочтением. Не имеет значения, работает ли он с RS, поскольку вы не используете приложение, и вы должны ожидать, что добровольцы здесь могут помочь только в том случае, если вы используете приложение. Вот почему они здесь. :? Добавление отдельных пользователей с сайтов конгломератов радиостанций выходит далеко за рамки того, чего от них следует ожидать. ;) В качестве альтернативы вы можете отредактировать загруженную базу данных, чтобы включить их в свою базу данных для использования на R? S! применение. Я верю, что этот перевод Google верен.

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Re: 101.ru

Post by eMzw7gJ2NjEdmoNkiR9B » 07 Oct 2021, 19:14

The link


Shows categories of personal (user) stations, and then clicking on a category shows a list of stations within that category. Each station has a 6 digit unique identifier and without that identifier, it is hard to tell whether the station is already in RS. Most of the stations currently on the web page are NOT in radio sure, but without looking at the .rds file, it is not possible to tell.

I plan to fix that by putting the 6 digit unique identifier into the title so that when you can take the 6 digit identifier from the web page and directly search on it in the RS app. That will allow for people to add new stations without adding duplicates.

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