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Streamtheworld Related Provisioning

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Streamtheworld Related Provisioning

Postby Katy » 22 May 2017, 06:48

This is very important
I would like to give my experience about Source
If you find from any web source such as http://xxxx(number)
This all number inside has temporary work until owners web change number.
My experience is better whenever You see streamtheworld of link than you can change method and using method Provisioning . Because streamtheworld Related Provisioning.

this method for examples

Source 1 with number is temporary because using number

Source 2 is asx provisioning fix using provisioning

Source 3 pls provisioning fix using provisioning
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Re: Streamtheworld Related Provisioning

Postby eMzw7gJ2NjEdmoNkiR9B » 05 Jun 2017, 23:42

I have recently encountered situations where "provisioning" didn't work but "playservices" did.

For example:

Those and yours are the MP3 streams. Many stations also have an ACC stream. Some have only MP3 streams and some have only AAC streams. I believe WBBR has only an AAC stream but not an MP3 stream: ... RAMAAC.pls ... RAMAAC.pls
the asx versions should work as well.

Of course, the see those are for AM and WCBE was for FM. If you are looking for an HD2 or HD3 station, use HD2 or HD3 rather than AM or FM in the URL.

Note: I have recently seen an even newer format from stream the world for KPUBFM. This is for their 128 kb stream. Sometimes there is a 64 kb stream instead of a 128 kb stream. In those cases, try the "64" in the URL instead of the "128". ... FM_128.pls

Lastly, I have seen a few of this format with the "livestream-redirect" in the URL: ... AM_MP3.mp3
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Re: Streamtheworld Related Provisioning

Postby Katy » 24 Jun 2017, 16:42

This all option Similar my Suggestion on the TOP My Text.
Conclusion about My Subject
Number inside URL Streamtheworld is Temporary , That's result I was offered
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