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Clean away all those non-working channels

Posted: 01 Jun 2017, 18:23
by Radio_Avancerat
I have often, far too often clicked to start channels only to discover they are gone, it does not connect to them, they are plenty, I think its time to rebuild the station list from scratch. This request is related to my request called "persistent streaming until successful station switch"

Re: Clean away all those non-working channels

Posted: 01 Jun 2017, 20:59
by Fonzy
Is this a joke ???,
Every day, hundreds of stations are updated, deleted if not fixable, and created new ones.
We have now over 34000 stations in the database (list)
All is done free by volunteers !!
Are you stating they do not work hard enough ?
Or are YOU volunteer,to start a database of worldwide stations again, including stations in Russian and Chinese , Thai and Hebrew languages ??
(I do not think so, so be glad for what you get for free,and if there are stations you have in mind, search for valid stream and submit here ( or direct in the stationsbase as edit station),and if not capable to find stream,ask here for station you like,that is not working,(note that stations using exclusively flash players on the site, cannot always be created in our database, more, if a station changes to such flash-only player, that station will be removed (as soon someone notices it)

Re: Clean away all those non-working channels

Posted: 02 Jun 2017, 14:20
by Radio_Avancerat
Its far from a joke! (That's what Facebook is for). Its totally a serious problem. I can show proof of this, I just need to upgrade to Windows 10 then I can show how bad it is, then yes I will gladly report any channels that don't connect, and Flash-only stations can be added as well, I found a way to look in the HTML code, the stream URL is usually quite easy to spot and rip out of the code.

Re: Clean away all those non-working channels

Posted: 05 Jun 2017, 23:28
by eMzw7gJ2NjEdmoNkiR9B
It would be nice for users to be able to easily report non-working streams.

It be even nicer for a new version of the app to report back when a stream started successfully and when it didn't. Such a database would help volunteers know which streams require work.