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Notice for Greek users

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Notice for Greek users

Postby George_s » 04 Oct 2017, 22:45

Dear sir
I would like to ask a notice in Greek to be placed in order not to have duplicated Greek radio stations entries in database.
It should inform users to search in Greek or Latin letters before they submit new radio station.
I try to keep the Greek radios updated, but even your moderators approve duplicated entries.
I cannot follow this status.
Thank you for reading my post.
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Re: Notice for Greek users

Postby Fonzy » 05 Oct 2017, 02:08

- The greek notice: you are free to publish such... ( I do not speak or read Greek language), altough I do not think all changes or submissions come from Greek make your posting also in English

- Your info for users , OK ( but do creators / editors of stations visit the forum for instructions ???)

- "even moderators approve duplicates", yes..., after approving , it is easy to see (by filtering on greek) if there are duplicates. But, before submission that is not so easy..., Then it must be checked in the existing list (filtered on greek), and compared names, genres, and streams... That takes a lot of time( and needs 2 computers or separate browsing in the last stationslist, and I must admit, I do not check for duplicates myself, (only if they appear in the last 15 submissions it can happen I do see them). I Do check for needed items such as valid streams (as some members/users submit https streams, even rtmp streams , qtl streams etc, the catch from sites or VLC players, or other sources, without testing in RadioSure. And after a long time at RS sites , I know a lot of submittors/editors who I can trust to use valid streams, but even then...
Strange streams I always do test in Radiosure player before approving. The main goal for me, is that the station works.
Aside of the moderators, there are more approvers, but in practice, we do not see them very often :-( , so the most found names as approver , you find "Fonzy,Marcoibk,Mirz, as, "and a few others, but if they submit themself changes or new stations, it has to be approved by another approver .

- If you are the one folowing up the Geek stations, thank you very much..., just put the duplicates to "delete" and we do approve them (= deleting the station from list) Be sure tough, only delete duplicated stations if the original works.
(duplicates issues also existed in russian stations, where the one user used western characters for names, the other one used Russian characters, and so creating (known ) duplicates , without even the approver knows. It is up to the users to folow-up such situations they know best (I hope )
Remember: The stations base is for the users, kept by users , all are voluntairs (also the mods and approvers are voluntairs). We are glad , the bestware company (Radio Sure ) keep this website , for only the low fee of a lifetime license (10$), how long can they go on with it ???
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