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Langue française - Proposition d'une traduction plus complète

Posted: 21 Jun 2019, 16:01
by Philippe

Tout d'abord merci au développeur(s) et aux contributeurs/admins pour tout ce qu'ils font, RadioSure est vraiment un super logiciel. :D

Ces derniers jours j'ai décidé d'essayer d'y contribuer moi aussi via quelques ajouts de radios..

A présent si cela vous intéresse je vous propose une nouvelle version du fichier "french.lng" pour Radiosure version 2.2.1046. :)

:arrow: (à décompresser dans le dossier "Lang" de Radiosure)

Les utilisateurs francophones l'auront probablement remarqué, la langue française n'est que très partiellement supportée par Radiosure, j'ai essayé d'améliorer les choses.


NB: si vous ne souhaitez pas "écraser" le fichier contenant la traduction officielle, le + simple c'est de renommer le fichier avant de le déplacer dans le dossier "lang". :idea: (Il suffira ensuite de le sélectionner RS -> clic droit -> Langue -> nom du fichier)

Bon WE,

Re: Langue française - Proposition d'une traduction plus complète

Posted: 21 Jun 2019, 23:52
by Fonzy
Hi, the languages always had be such, that persons more aquinted with the local language's where free to submit them to " thebestware@" , and after that ( at a new release ), that version of the language could be incorporated with the install packet....
Unfortunate, new versions of the radio are not expected in a ( short or long ) term,.
So, what you are doing here is the best way for now, to spread the corrected lang-file.
There are many other things waiting to be upgraded, such as full https support (also for the older Bass decoding modules), the pictures going along with the music that fails for a long time (problems with google-api 's after juridic debacles,), and new wishes ,example , to go directly to the stations sheet from the radio, by double-click on the station,or in the prperties window on the radio, so immediately be able to edit the station . This feature is only possible if the stations-ID from the database is included in the rsd file on our radioplayers, which IS NOT for the moment ( the rsd file is an extract without ID, and with no title record. For this, there has to be always a duplicate station, that fills the first record of the rsd file, otherwise the first station is not seen, nor can it be accessed in the radio. This is a bug, years ago told to the admin, but never corrected , nor in the radio version, nor in the system that extracts the rsd files.
There existed once a radio with that synchronising function (inlight-radio from the USA-Texas), but that radio app creator had to stop because to low income from licenses to survive the costs of keeping a website

In my opinion, if there is a real admin on the board, he/she shows him/herself not very often on the forum, and in opposit of a few years ago , he/she never answers on PM messages, not even on official emails to thebestware company. The current "admin" has (in my opnion) not a very high level of knowledge about databses etc.
Of course, a lot of people are glad Radio Sure did arise from deadth a bout a year ago, and kept the site with the enormous number of stations in the database, and be free to add, change or delete stations.

Re: Langue française - Proposition d'une traduction plus complète

Posted: 22 Jun 2019, 14:07
by Philippe

Thank you for all that information. :)

It seems that the developper never gave any about him (*), nor why he stopped the development of RadioSure. :|

Personally I've updated all BASS libraries used by RadioSure :
  • bass.dll ( ->
  • basshls.dll ( ->
  • bass_aac.dll ( ->
  • basswma.dll ( ->
  • bass_fx.dll ( ->
This doesn't seem to have a negative impact. (but I didn't notice any improvement either)


By default, BASS (decoding modules) will try to use the system's OpenSSL library to handle HTTPS connections. It seem to works on my computers. (Windows 7 & 10)

If some users have problems with https URLs, maybe they should try to install or update the OpenSSL libraries (?) :| :
:arrow: To install OpenSSL on windows : ... er_Windows

Too bad it seem there is no (user) solution to again generate pictures related to music. :(

At least (for the moment) just about everything still works with Windows XP, 7, and 10. And the database is up to date since the return of the website and thanks to the contributors. :)

(*) : With the "Wayback machine" I noticed that on the 1st website it appears that he can write in Russian.

Re: Langue française - Proposition d'une traduction plus complète

Posted: 22 Jun 2019, 21:08
by Fonzy
Yes, he/she was original Russian, bur was very good in English language. At that time, I got response from admin on every request too. From last (current) admin, I never got any answer, not in English, nor in Russian.
The first years I was a member of RadioSure (not a Mod in that time), I was also a member and Mod at inlight radio, where I did have a good relationship with the owner/creator of the radio software. That person also knew the developper of radiosure well , in fact they developed both, and shared the knowledge, but at a certain point , the view about how to go on in developpement of the radio, went different... J.Gristy from inlightradio had put its mind on better performane, and direct links from the app to his database, while his Russian friend went on the direction of beauty view ( skins) and not tecnical improvements. I told Jeramy, to folow the idea of skins, because that had more success ( and more licenses sold), but he waited too long, and had to stop because he run out of money. His radioplayer still works, and can even be downloaded, but cannot be licensed anymore, so "PRO-" part of it is not for new users, and for stationslists, they must adapt them by msexcell or a texteditor that can handle and save formatted text = fields separared with TAB , and records separated by Hrt (same as for RadioSure rsd, but different number of fields, including station ID from the database, which not exist anymore on the web, so that cannot be synchronised anymore.

And to repeat myself, I do not believe the radio will be upgraded in the future ( nor be repaired its failed functions).
Also: the nearly newest Bass modules are on my version. They where announced about a year before the crash of the website in 2017 december, but they do not solve the httpS , because the radio itself does not follow the httpS protocol( protocol must be valid before the radio can detect which Bass or other decoding is needed, and if the connection breaks on that point, no furher action is done). I think, some servers do support the http as well as the https, and switch to http, if a client does not respond on coded communication...
I will update the bass drivers you mention , to get the last ones, and test again for httpS
Always be glad to clarify things for You, and I do understand a bit of french lang., but should have problems to use it (and a Google - translation is only for emergency, because too many faulty translations )

Re: Langue française - Proposition d'une traduction plus complète

Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 20:35
by Philippe
Thus the 2 best internet radio players are "abandoned" for several years. :-(

RadioSure remains for me the reference (skins support was a good choice), it still works very well.

I recently tested Phonostar Player, it's very interesting, and still maintained. But for me the player has a major drawback, everything is written in German and I don't speak the language. :P

Phonostar integrates advertisements, it may be a good way to finance the development of this kind of software. :idea:

Thank you again for all these clarifications. :) (I'm not sure your French is worse than my English. :lol:)

Re: Langue française - Proposition d'une traduction plus complète

Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 22:31
by Lapsang
Phonostar is no serious alternative.

Going from station to station is very user unfriendly and it contains many not working stations.

Also it reacts very slowly.

I re-installed it today (just to try again) and immediately there was a problem: some .dll missing. End of experiment.