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Post by eMzw7gJ2NjEdmoNkiR9B » 05 Aug 2021, 21:56

A couple months ago, I had marked a number of stations as Dead that were not dead. The streams were from from the domain. The stations played for others and when I checked the stream on my phone, (a different ISP), they also played fine.

I switched my DNS server from Adguard to Google and I could then play them on my desktop again. Recently, the same thing happened but this time they would not play with Google DNS. I also tried Open DNS, Ckoudfare DNS, and others. I found they played fine with Yandex DNS, Unsensored DNS, and also with Adguard DNS again. I switched back to Adguard.

DNS servers have been targets of hackers worldwide. I don't know why anyone would censor Many DNS providers intentionally block hacking websites and sites with malware. Perhaps they make mistakes with their lists. I don't know. Try this yourself on your device or on your router. You will see that DNS servers do matter on what is reachable and not reachable to you.

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