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New recording functionality

Posted: 17 Jun 2015, 16:01
by korzystno
It would be great idea to have timer in recording functionality to set user-defined recording time.

Re: New recording functionality

Posted: 17 Jun 2015, 22:27
by Fonzy
You can do so now, by starting the Radio Sure with parameters in a command line of Windows
See info-tab in Right-click options
You can start the radio from a sheduler of windows, with the parameter /record source=...., /duration= minutes.....
To implement those things inside the radio = ????? (lots of work anyway , and don't count on it )

OR do you mean: a knob or command with function = record, but not one number (as exist) or unlimited but a certain time from the push to....
Why should you ask that ? - maybe because of the not exact sync of the start and end of recording versus the begin of song. In that case a time-shift function should be better , to adjust the timers for a few seconds ( + or -) We clould suggest it but .......? ( is there a developper still working at RadioSure headquarters?)

Re: New recording functionality

Posted: 23 Oct 2015, 01:11
by annode1
Hello Fonzy.
I would like to manually or automatically start Radio sure, record WXPN and it shut off 6 hours later.
I see the lines for this in the 'info', but i`m not so good with commands.
Can you write out for me what it might read like in the command window?
Winxp or Win7.

Thank you,

Re: New recording functionality

Posted: 27 Oct 2015, 00:46
by Fonzy
if you installed RS for everyone, the programfolder is in "program files" on your C disk
so the command is:
"c:\program files\radiosure\radiosure.exe" /source= "" /record /duration=360
If you installed only for yourself(account) then the path to radiosure.exe is :
"c:\documents and settings\[your username]\Local Settings\Application Data\RadioSure\RadioSure.exe" /source= "" /record /duration=360
The filenames are automatically as if you record with the button on the radio itself! (and they are stored as configurated in the radio options)

Do not forget: spaces between the /xxx parameters, and " around the paths and or names containing spaces
You can input that string in
Start - execute -
fill string in
click OK
radio starts visible and plays the station while immediately recording and playing at normal (last used)volume
If it must be not play trough your speakers/headset while recording, add parameter /mute, and if no need to show the radio itself , add /Hidden
I tried out the first string in my Windows XP (and should also work in Win7 and higher)

Re: New recording functionality

Posted: 27 Oct 2015, 03:13
by annode1
Thanks so much for that Fonzy!
I pasted "C:\Program Files (x86)\RadioSure\RadioSure.exe" /source= "" /record /duration=360 into the run/execute and hit worked like a charm.
I tested it for 3 mins and the app. just disappeared after time out haha.

Love this, now I can listen back to more then half of the show I miss because i`m asleep.
It`s a local over air broadcast which I listen to on my FM receiver. Now that I know I can auto-stop recording at 6:00am I won`t have to wake up to stop it...not that I would want to do that. Ha