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Auto-number saved files

Posted: 27 Dec 2015, 02:40
by evan
I really like RadioSure so far, but there's one missing feature that I would like to see. File auto-numbering (i.e., a leading "001", "002", "003", etc. at the beginning of each saved filename).

When breaking between songs, the program is pretty good, but not perfect. But if you listen to the saved files in the same order in which they were recorded, the problem pretty much goes away. One way to do that would be to prepend an auto-numbered track number to each saved MP3 file. Then they could be listened to in the same order in which they were recorded.

I hope you consider this feature: it would be relatively easy to add, and would add significantly to the usability of the program (add this to the "premium" feature list, and I bet it increases sales conversions).


Re: Auto-number saved files

Posted: 27 Dec 2015, 04:01
by Fonzy
The solution to this problem could be (as it is implemented in other RadioPlayer on the market) to have the feature of correcting the syncs between songs (minus or plus number of seconds time-shift)
This has always to be set per station, as each station can have a different shift of that codepuls (due to some delay by decoding the streams, and depending on stream type)
It is good to suggest it to the developpers of Radio Sure..... (as they have to implement also other API's for pictures showing, since the current APi form google is not longer working)
Autonumbering could help you, but now you can also sort the songs on the date/time field in the map.
Anyway, it takes editing all recordings if you want to reconstruct full songs per record...
- With timeshift function, the songs are correct recorded (once you find the correct shift time), so let's ask for timeshift , no ?

Re: Auto-number saved files

Posted: 16 Apr 2016, 23:18
by evan
Many of the stations I listen to, and want to record, cross-blend songs, so there is no distinct separation.

I've found a way to get my numbering (using MP3tag, sorting by creation date, and then numbering the tracks), but it would still be helpful to have autonumbering functionality as an option.