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Instant programmed recording or even more ...

Posted: 02 Jan 2016, 14:09
by vorticity
I love this app because it does it in a way you would expect it to do, therefore I bought it.

Sometimes I listen to a station and want to record it - but not listen to it until the end - I have to get up early for work ;-). Instant recording stepping immediately through fixed record times (15, 30, 45 ... minutes) are common in some DVB-T programmes. Should not be too difficult and were a big help.

Of course, full programming would be nice, but that's another business. Also this is nice implemented in many DVB-T software: Just enter start and end of recording and station into a template - that's it.

But it should be kept as logical as it is now !

Continue your great job! Regards, Bernd.

Re: Instant programmed recording or even more ...

Posted: 03 Jan 2016, 02:16
by Fonzy
You always can shedule recordings for planned times and lenghts....
Even do not shedule, but immediately start upon clicking an icon on your desktop !!!(and run for a certain time from the start)
Just make a little text file (batch file) with the command parameters (see all commands and parameters in your RadioSure options), or put the command text directly into the link
Only... it is not built-in, but once you got it working , you 'll love it :-)
(see other topics for examples I gave to an other user)