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Suggestion for "Re"naming saved files

Posted: 30 Jan 2010, 21:26
by Guglielmo Marconi
I like how RadioSure categorizes most recordings (creating a subfolder for each station name), and I realize some stations are sending info that allows RS to automatically name a track (for those who want to see this, try recording - Comedy Club (caution, some adult humor & profanity)). But a lot of what I listen to (news shows, interviews, etc.) does not have that automatic naming ability, and I'm wondering about creating a method to have RS name those files something other than "Untitled". Here's my idea:

1) Create an option to allow the user to type in their own name for the file. This can be a text box that can be pulled up and edited at any time (which allows the user to easily change the filename they want to use). This name doesn't get actually used by RS until the next step.

2) When the recording stops (either by the user's manual control, by a recording script, or by RS automatically splitting the recording into tracks), have the program rename the 'Untitled' filename to the name the user entered.

This would allow me to listen to part of a show, decide what I want to call it (and type that text into the name field). Then when the recording ends, it will be saved (actually renamed) with the name I want.

3) An option would be to automatically increment the name (similar to what you do with 'Untitled (1), Untitled (2), etc.), so that if the filename already exists, it automatically adds the suffix "(1)", "(2)", etc.

NOTE: This suffixing option would be useful even without the User Filename feature.

Ideally, all this could also be implemented within the command line paramaters (for example /name=History of Wireless, /increment=on)

Does this naming option seem possible? If so, please consider including it in a future version!

Feel free to contact me if you decide to implement this feature. I would be very willing to help you with the user interface - what features to include, how they should be displayed etc. (and of course, beta testing).


Re: Suggestion for "Re"naming saved files

Posted: 31 Jan 2010, 01:30
by admin
To be honest it looks very complicated to me... :)

Why can't you just listen "untitled" recorded files and then quickly rename it as you like?

Re: Suggestion for "Re"naming saved files

Posted: 02 Feb 2010, 16:07
by Guglielmo Marconi
admin wrote:To be honest it looks very complicated to me... :)

Why can't you just listen "untitled" recorded files and then quickly rename it as you like?
I was suggesting that having the ability to custom name the recordings from within RadioSure would be a useful feature. Maybe there are simpler ways to do this, I was simply describing some possible methods/strategies.

Of course I could rename the files manually afterwards (though having to listen to multiple files after I've already recorded them just to determine what to name them may not be that "quick"), but I was offering "Suggestions how to improve RadioSure" (that is the topic of this part of the board, right? :().

Re: Suggestion for "Re"naming saved files

Posted: 02 Feb 2010, 17:11
by admin
Hi Guglielmo.

I've never said that this topic is wrong place to post suggestions! :)

I'm just thinking how useful the suggestion will be for the most of the users, not for a single person.

If it will be too complicated, then people won't use it and it will means that I will spend my time to create additional functionality just for few people. This is not my goal.

I understand your idea and your problem. I think I will definitely add command line parameter for naming files for scheduled recording. It's easy to do and another person requested the same functionality some time ago.

The issue will be tracked here: