I need more Buffer

Please post your suggestions here
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I need more Buffer

Post by coldis » 20 Feb 2014, 00:19

i need more Buffer becase my Internet is very slow what can i do?

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Re: I need more Buffer

Post by Grammaton Cleric » 31 Mar 2014, 06:57

You need more high speed internet only.

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Re: I need more Buffer

Post by sashasuman » 18 Dec 2014, 09:29

What I should really like is a context menu item that let you append the artist, song title, radio station, date etc. to a plain text file.

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Re: I need more Buffer

Post by Fonzy » 20 Dec 2014, 20:36

to: sashasuman
Topic = "need more buffer"
You are talking about a total different subject, and should be placed on topic "suggestions for improving Radio Sure as a new topic, not as an answer to existing question ( example "need improving context menu")

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