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Random Station and easier Preselection

Posted: 21 Feb 2010, 02:54
by Mae
Wow - so many Internet-Radio Stations... :o

So we need a Radom-Selection-Function and easier Filter-Settings and enhanced Search-Function by Statistic.

It can be nice to have a function that makes a random selection. And I like it to have it on the Programmstart and othertimes I just want a random selection from a preselection. Of curse ther is allready a preselection via the searchfunction that give me the try to make the list of selection short.
So Please give me a Button (of-curse with Function) Radom-Selection. Maybe a Roulette byside the Magnifier-Glas?

For the preSelection it may be a little bit easy to have another searchfield on the top of the Table to every field from the Table. I just have find out the function to click on the Table-Top. Great Easteregg - cause I didn't RTFM (wait for german Manual). But this List is to long and no Mouse-Wheel Support is given. I've to use the Cursorkeys to watch the list - but than the Mouse crosses (cause optical error on Mouse-Sensort - Damn bad Mouse!) ... I think a autocomplete box may be great. Better a Combobox with old list and type-in support for every single column.
So the function ist clear without a manual.
If one of these Filter-Boxes was filled, a new one appears (and the window grow up) to enhanced the Filter on this Column. By right click on this entry-box you may select the filter-option: and/or/not.

I will by nice to have a new column for the URLs and more information about connection tryings and a chance to told this programm to do something intelligent when conection faild. Maybe turn back to old station (History-Function?) or a other station (Random-Function) that I've never heard bevor or have the same genre.

Re: Random Station and easier Preselection

Posted: 10 Apr 2010, 03:10
by velascomike
I also vote for a random button on RadioSure, this would allow to discover new stations to listen to.

Re: Random Station and easier Preselection

Posted: 10 Apr 2010, 09:31
by admin