Just my observations after first use.

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Just my observations after first use.

Post by vidar77 » 02 Mar 2010, 10:28

I haven't read all the other threads here and I apologize if I just repeat stuff but I just wanted to lay out my thoughts for on on this pretty kick ass little project/program.

I actually never heard about this program but was browsing around freeware sites the other day and happened upon it and sounded cool and overall impression is it is pretty good but there are a few things I would personally change.

Some of these might just be nitpicking but I definitely noticed them or the lack of them.

I'd make the size of the UI scalable up/down and side/side because I like to see the station name/country and mostly language all in one display without having to crunch down one and have to see the .... As it stands I usually end up having the country and language squished to see the entire station name.

In the options you have the option to record at certain bitrates. I use XP and when I choose to record at 192 and check the properties from the right click menu it says the actual bitrate is like 96 and I up the program rate to 256 the properties jumps to 128.

I'd love to see a more configurable filter selection. Such as an example I'd want to listen to funk, rock and techno from the countries of japan, switzerland and US. I'd also try to add more columns to the display such as the 'info'(or description/webpage/etc from the details area) on the station. This could be done in a way that Windows XP does when you choose the details view and then right click on the column header.

Also if it's possible I'd make the filter selection of when you right click the genre as mouse scrollable as it would speed up the process of selecting one.

I'd try to make a playlist type thing that can pop off the side of the UI window that could be your favorites list and I'd make the favorites list more editable. Such as I'd like to configure the list such as deleting a station without having to goto the station. I have about 25? favorites currently and when I click the heart the list is getting to long for my resolution so it makes some unselectable. Also maybe a column setup in the favorites list that shows what genre your favorites are. Maybe from there you could checkbox and do a random select/play/record from ones on the UI list and from your favorites list.

If you wanted to make this program more of a media player you could somehow make a list of the songs you've recorded and put them into a list in the favorites or something so you can play recorded songs(or your other MP3's in general) without having to goto the folders.

I'm not sure why you can't delete stations from your default list but I wouldn't mind seeing that option as I've noticed some stations just don't connect and I've heard a couple other stations say goto their website and register to access it. Since I can't connect and there's 11999+ other stations I doubt I'd register so I'd personally take those off my list so I don't happen on them again and waste my time.

I really have no idea if this is possible but it'd be REALLY cool. Make some kind of actual buffer live a live record that constantly records the last 3-4 minutes to your hard drive so you can decide if you like the song and want to record it or not. I've just happened across a couple things where I'd be listening and wish I would've recorded something thats already gone. That could be a donate to the project and get a key to put in to do that kind of thing. Yes I am aware I can just record everything but that makes a LOT of files to go through and a bit more of a hassle then listening and going back and clicking something so you get the songs you like rather then 2 hours of music and going through it all.

Again, not sure its possible but add it a track playtime option so you know how long the track itself has played(or better yet if possible) has yet to play. I'd only suggest this because I'm a fan of ambient music and I've recorded a few and they can run like 20+ minutes and I have stopping in the middle but have no idea how long there is on the song or how long I've recorded the single track of ambient itself without going and looking at the recorded file or doing the 'Playtime' math.

Anyways, those are the major of my wishlist. I know theres probably a bit there to chew on but I just thought I'd drop my suggestions and congratulate you on making a great program and its good currently but with a few tweaks it could be quite awesome and I'd just like to say thank you for putting the work you've done into this. For everyone thats downloaded this there are thousands out there that probably love this program and the work you've done and I just want to thank you for it.

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Re: Just my observations after first use.

Post by admin » 04 Mar 2010, 01:47

Hi vidar77,

Thank you very much for your post. I will try to quickly answer your points. Yes, most of them were already discussed here and there several times. :)

1. Scalable UI
Really don't want to do it scalable because it makes skins creation more complex. Anyway you can choose a skin you like where you can have more space for stations. Or you can create your own skin - it's very easy, no programming skills required.

2. Bitrate for recording.
If you record a stream which is played in WMA, then it will me converted into MP3 and the bitrate for conversion will be taken form the options. If it is MP3 stream it is not converted and are written as it is - because there is no any reason to re-convert it to higher bitrate.

3. Complex Filters.
Sorry, but most people will use only simple filters, add stations to favorites and then listen to them. In short it's too expensive for me (meaning spending time for a value) to do that. :)

4. Favorites
Yes, maybe I'll improve favorites management in future.

5. MediaPlayer.
No, there is no goal yet to add mediaplayer functions. It's just radio. :)

6. Deleting stations.
This is because standard stations is to be automatically updated from the website, where anyone can add or change the stations.

7. Prebuffering songs.
It's already done in last testing version. You can even already try it.

8. Track time.
Yep, good idea. I'll think about it.

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