2 suggestions

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2 suggestions

Post by dkbks » 03 Nov 2014, 20:12


Be able to sort or find by bitrate in order to find stations that use higher than 56kps. (Better audio quality)

Group stations: allow edits to move between groups. e.g. from Other to Classical or Jazz, etc.

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Re: 2 suggestions

Post by Fonzy » 04 Nov 2014, 02:40

Maybe you can use the stations.rsd file to import in a database of your own. Then you can manage all things you wish, and extract lists of radios of your choice. Then put a filter in RadioSure to get those stations quickly.
OK, it is manually and some work on Your site, but do not expect on the site of RS, that anyone makes those things IN the radio-software ( ourt experience is, that since years, nothing changes or updates in the software !, just a fact ...!)

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